About us

About usWinemakers by choice, always.

This vineyard was planted by our father Filippo in 1975, followed with passion and dedication until the end of the nineties.
We were born here, and the most natural thing for us was to continue this journey.

Contact with the nature of this splendid valley has profoundly influenced us, and we have brought this attitude of doing things spontaneously to the management of the company, dividing the tasks according to our inclinations.
We therefore started with the first label, Sienda Vermentino di Gallura Superiore D.O.C.G., and then followed over the years with other Vermentino and Cannonau productions.

Every now and then we think how quickly time has passed, full of sacrifices but even more of satisfactions.

Salavatore and Marianna

Our way of thinking about work.

The management of the company is carried out personally by our family, since the creation of the first vineyard.

We smile when we hear about sustainability or green today.
In fact, for us these terms mean only one thing: to work as we have always done.
Because the cultivation of the vineyard takes place according to our tradition, therefore it takes place with only manual processes.
Because the yields per hectare are always low, and we only use organic products for the care of the vegetation and the soil.
Because we have always used the processing waste from crushed grapes to obtain organic fertilizer to be returned to the vineyard itself.
Because we have always chosen low dosages of sulfur and lighter glass for our bottles.
Because we have been using alternative energy sources for several years now

This has made it possible to preserve the old vines and maintain the purity of the clone.
This is our way of understanding work.

Our history

The beginningFilippo Mura plants the first vineyard
Second generationSalvatore and Marianna start working in the cellar
Prizes and awardsVini Mura begins to collect national and international prizes and awards
ExtensionsThe extensions to the original vineyard are finalized
New CellarThe new cellar with barrel room is completed
More AwardsAgain Gold Medal for the Sienda Il Decade in The Italian Wine Competition

The Vineyards

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